1. Dedicate a certain time to study the bible when you can focus and not be disturbed by distractions
  2. Find a quiet place.
  3. Have a pen, paper, and a dictionary handy for taking notes and looking up words you might not understand.
  4. Have a plan.  Without a plan you may have a hard time finding a starting place or keeping up with where you are at.
  5. Pray for understanding and give the things that might be bother you to God before you begin
  6. Don't rush take your time to let what the scripture is really saying sink in.
  7. Write down a verse that really stuck out to you and reflect on that verse throughout the day.
  8. Ask questions about the text to get a full understanding of the who, how, when, and why.  Also think about how the scripture may apply to your own life.
  9. If you are not understanding a passage or verse don't be afraid to ask.  There is no shame in coming to a greater understanding to the word.
  10. Remember to keep the scriptures in context not only with the surrounding chapters and verses but also as a whole.